How to slash printing costs of training materials

This is the second article on how to slash printing costs in your training manual budgets – this time we turn our attention to distribution and the costs of shipping

If you train in more than just the UK then you know what a nightmare international shipping of the courseware can be. The costs are astronomical – and it’s not just the shipping cost – the time taken on duties and taxes and worrying about the customs procedures of countries like Russian or Israel.

So if you are choosing a partner to help you with training courseware then there are some things that you might want to ensure that the printer has available to them.

A secure online portal that houses all of your course materials in multiple languages

A system integrated with the major International shippers so that tracking is integrated into the web portal

A significant volume of products being shipped around the globe to ensure competitive shipping rates.

Experience of some of the more ‘difficult’ countries

A portal that offers seamless ecommerce functionality.

24/7 tracking and reporting functionality for all courseware printed and shipped

As critical as these criteria are, there’s one more capability that training teams should demand if they want to significantly reduce their production costs:

A print and fulfillment partner that offers local printing and shipping for the countries in which you do business.

Printed training manuals

Here’s why:

Shipping costs will be sky-high if your printer prints course materials in the UK and ships them overseas, especially in the countries that are most popular for training, including China, Saudi Arabia, India and the USA. A printer who has a manufacturing network across the global who can ship electronically and print locally could give you significant savings.