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PDI will help construct and manage a file library for your courseware; a central repository which ensures...

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PDI has a full range of the latest printing and finishing equipment, focussed on high quality print on demand...

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Publishing courseware electronically has many advantages of speed and cost. However, once a document is sent electronically...

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PDI will manage the national and international distribution of courseware. With a network of couriers and freight...

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PDI is part of a global network of courseware providers with partners in the USA, India and Australia...

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PDI – Printed Training Manuals

PDI is a specialist provider of printed training manuals and courseware solutions for the training industry – from the creation and management of on-line cloud based libraries of files, through the printing, kitting and distribution of training materials. We can provide courseware either printed or electronic across the globe via a network of partner companies. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and tailoring a solution to your needs.


We understand the unique challenges training professionals face managing their training manual printing logistics. From multiple delivery addresses to last minute schedule changes to frequent document amendments, we are here to make things easier for you!


Our customers regularly need to archive, change or upgrade their files and our data-warehousing system ensures we manage your versions accurately and quickly. We also provide an online ordering that gives you 24/7 access to the progress of your training manual orders. You are kept informed at every step of the process – you don’t have to chase or logon to check, all the information is automatic. We will provide you with an online ordering site clearly showing all your live courseware and the price of the courseware, this is secure and only visible to you


PDI have an extensive print & distribution network with international print facilities in Europe, Asia, USA and South America. We will work with you to identify the best global print facility and delivery service for each print run to meet your project requirements in the most cost effective way possible.


The benefits of not having to make a cross continent shipment again, not only include the reduction in your shipping costs but also a reduction in delivery times. Using our unique systems, you can centrally manage your global print requirements with ease. Today, we are all aware of the economics of our work, shipping manuals across oceans is no longer a solution; the costs are just too high.


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