Through a partner network across 3 continents PDI’s centralised document storage and ecommerce portal has allowed a global software company to streamline version control of their documentation whilst retaining regional print production and distribution. Previously each region were managing their own content for production, but when a global client project was rolled out it became apparent there was a difference in not just the version of courseware being produced, but also in the consistency of quality of materials across the regions. Our solution has enabled all users to be confident they are ordering the version of courseware relevant to the training class they are holding, with a consistency in the look and feel of the materials across each region.

“Your excellent service time after time enables us to be confident in your supply and service.” Regional Education Operations Manager


Successfully selling training through training partners is a key revenue stream to many organisations, however keeping control of your content and tracking your partners’ activities can be difficult. PDI implemented a solution for a client with ATPs across the EMEA region that allows the partners to order the courseware they require online, our client has full control of who can order what and can restrict partners so they can only access the documents they are authorised to train on. Our system collects the class name and reference, the date and venue of the course and quantity of delegates to be trained. Our client has full visibility of who has ordered what via the online reporting tool, and saved the time they had previously taken receiving orders from the partner to then place the order themselves for the courseware.

“I am delighted with the high quality and professional service that you consistently provide. It saves us so much time and effort.” Indirect Training Business Manager